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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

7 Digvijayramachandra English

Srimad Digvijay Ramachandra teerth

Deeksha given at : Partagali math
Deeksha Guru : Sri Ramachandra teerth (6)
Shishya sweekar : Sri Raghuchandra teerth
Mahanirvan : Srisaka 1590 Kilaka samvatsara Magha Krishna navami, Ravivar
Vrindavan at : Sri Veera Vittala math , Ankola
Gurupeetha : 3 years 9 months 22 days
Branch Math founded: Sri Veera Vittal math , Ankola
Aloukik karya : Digbandhana of Narayana Bhoota.

Recent Events

History of Swamiji

येन वाते: पदोर्मूले भूतो नारयणाभिधः ।
स्तब्धिकृतो दिग्विजयरामचन्द्रगुरुं भजे

Sri Digvijaya Ramachandra teertha is shishya of Sri Ramachandra teertha who founded Math at Partagali. The initiation was done in Partagali and this was the first great function here.
After Guru Sri Ramachandra teerth attained Haripada at Rivona Math on Sri Saka 1587, Vaishakha Krishna tritiya Sri Digvijay Ramachandra teertha became head of the math. Swamiji stayed mostly at Rivona Math. Swamiji discovered a Hanuman pratima made of Tulasi kashta. As Swamiji was very much devoted to Hanuman HH was very much pleased. Sri Swamiji took the pratima to a cave present in the Matha and started doing tapas. Later on the request from the devotees of the Math Swamiji came to Partagali and stayed. At that time HH initiated Sri Raghuchandra teerth.
Under the guidance of Sri Swamiji a bid Chariot ( Ratha) was made. This was for the (ter) Rathotsava of Sri Ramachandra on Rama Navami. Thus the celebrations of Rama janmotsava started. The festivities were initiated by Sri Digvijay Ramachandra teerth and shishya Sri Raghuchandra teerth on Chatra Shukla Chaturthi Garudapujan, Dhvajarohan, Dandabali, Homa havanas, worship of Vinayaka on Ratha, Rama janmotsava and on that day procession on the Chariot (Ratha) has been laid down by Sri Swamiji. Since then that procedure is followed till today
The news of the Rathotsava on a grand scale spread far and wide in Goa and Karnataka. This new was not taken in good spirits by Sonda math. There aws a dispute going on in court about a land in Hegre village. Judgement was in favour of our Math.
Still the old difference of opinion created not so good relations between the two Maths. So Narayana Bhoot from Sonda was sent to create obstruction to the happy festivities and the Ratha procession.
As planed , everything was going on smoothly and the festivities began in great pomp and splendor. On the final day the devotees started to pull the chariot in great enthusiasm. After some distance the Chariot suddenly stopped and would not budge in spite of great efforts by devotes. A person went in and told this to Sri Swamiji. Swamiji closed His eyes and understood what was happening. HH took a coconut and with His power of mantras caught Narayana Bhoota in the coconut. That coconut was kept at the foot of the tower of Maruti which is present in front of the Math and was made immobile. Even today he is present there.
After this the Rathotsava was conducted with greater enthusiasm. Since then two long pieces of cloth dipped in oil are floated down from the top of the tower lighted with fire. Also coconut naivedya is shown to Bhootaraja. Even when Sri Rama’s palanquin comes near the tower coconuts are placed before him.
After laying down the rules for the festivities Sri Swamiji went back to Rivona and stayed there. Then on siddhanta prachara Sri Swamiji started visiting uttara kannada and reached Ankola. Therte on Sri Saka 1590 Kilaka samvatsara Magha Krishna Navami attained Haripada.