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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

9 Mangaluru Math Eng

9. Gokarn Math, Mangalore.

Sausthapak : Shri Shri Ramachandra Teertha (6)
Year of Sthapana : Shaka 1582 Sharvari (1660 AD)
Shifted : Shri Ramakanth Teertha (11) Shifted old Math adjacent of Main road of existing Rathabeedi.
Renovation : Shri Poornaprajna Teertha (18) Shaka 1764 Shubhkrata Phalguna Shukla 10 (11/03/1843 AD Sat.)
: Shri Veera Vittal Punar Pratishta, New Temple Building, Golden Shikhar Kalash)
Dev Pratima : Shri Veeravittal (Metal idol)
Other Dev Pratishta : Navagraha (Shilavigraha)
Address : Shri Gokarna Math, Rath Beedi, Mangalore (S.K) 575 001, Ph: 0824 2424210
Carpet Area : 2520 Sq Meters
Building Details : Garbhagraha, Agrashala, Archak Quarter, Sabhgrah, Kalyan Mantap, Gurubhavan.
Shikhar Kalash : Gold Plated
Social Service : Shri Poornaprajna Vasati Nilaya (Oldage Home)
Sabhabhavan : Shri Dwarakanath Bhavan
: Shri Poornaprajna Sabhabhavan
Panch Parv Utsav : Indirakanth Punfy Tithi : Chaitra Bahul-7
Ananth Chaturdashi – Bhadrapad Shukla Chadurdashi
Hari Jagar
: Vana Bhojan – Karteek Poornima.

An overview of the founding of Gokarnamatha in Mangalore.

Brahmins of ten Gotras who were invited by the incarnation of Lord Vishnu Shri Parashuram were residing at Gomantaka. In a period of time due to tyranny and conversion by the Portugese, during 15th Century GSB Brahmins migrated to different places along the western coast of Gomantaka, in groups. Some of these migrated families settled in what is todays Mangalore and Basroor. The Gowda Saraswath society lived a life of honor with love and affection in their homes due to their eclecticism, their personalities and their compatibility with the environment. Some families settled in Mangalore and its surroundings. Because of their simple life, godly devotion, ingenuity in business dealings, expertise, their academic excellence, and their coexistence in helping people in the environment, some social groups were jealously trying to disrespect them. They were criticizing the Goud Saraswath Brahmins saying that You don't have a Guru, there are no scholars in your society, who are qualified to perform rituals, you are not Shatkarmis, you are fish eaters. It was heartbreaking to our society.

This event, which has been going on since the 15th century, has always been a source of grief among our people. At that time there were only small temples of Gowdasaraswats in Mangalore surroundings like Mulikapur (Mulki), Karkala and Manjeswara but there were no Shakha Maths to represent the Gurupeetha. Shri Samstana Gokarna Parthagali Math is the first Gurupeetha of Madhwa Tradition, in Varanasi and Bhatkal established in the year 1475, by Shri Narayana Tirtha Swameeji(1475 -1516). Gradually in the year 1545 the 3rd Swameeji of Math Tradition Shri Jeevottam Teertha (1537-1588) established a Math at their birth place Basroor and another Math at Gokarna in the year 1550. 5th Swameeji of Math Tradition Shri Anujeevottam Teertha Swamiji (1588-1637) established a Math at Dichili Ist Math of of Gaomantaka. 6th Swameeji of Math Tradition Shri Ramachandra Teertha Swamiji (1637-1665) established the present Central Math at Partagali and a Shakhamat at Rhushivan (Rivan) in the year 1656.

In 1660 AD during Shri Ramachandra Teerth Swamiji’s tour to Southern India, arrived and camped at Netravati and Kumaradhara confluenced and popularly known as the Gayapada Kshetra of the South; Uppinangadi, On realizing this news more than a hundred learned members of the Gowda Saraswath Bramin society in the Mangalore surroundings met Shri Ramachandra Teertha Swamiji and expressed their feelings. They brought the matter of disrespect being shown by members of other Brahman Samaajs. They requested Swameeji to construct a Temple at Mangalore to prove that we also have our own Gurupeetha, we are also Shatkarmis, there are scholars in our Samaj who have studied under the Gurupeetha to perform the dharmika rituals like Yajna Yagaas, Upanayana, wedding etc. Merciful Swameeji realized the pain of the Samaj Bandhavaas and consoled them by constructing a Temple at the Centre of Mangalore Town in Shri Shake 1582 Sharvari Samvatsara (1660 AD) and installed the panchaloha statue of Lord Shri Vitthala. This has become the very first temple of Gowda Sarasvat Brahmins at Mangalore and became the center of society.

This branch of the Gokarna Math started prospering day by day into the center of GSB Society. Society members visiting Ashtamathas of Udupi for and Taptamudradharana started visiting this Mangalore Gokarn Math. As the society prospered later, 18th Guruvarya of Math Tradition Shri Poornaprajna Teertha Swameeji, in Shaka 1762 Sharvari Samvatsarà laid the foundation stone for shifting the Temple from the Back portion to front portion along the present Ratha Beedi. On Saturday in Shake 1764 Shubhakriata Samvatsara Falguna Shuddha Dashami, Meena Lagna performed the Punar pratishtha of Lord Vitthala and installed the Golden Shikhar Kalasha in the renovated Matha. It has a reputation of having a first golden kalasha in the entire Dakshina Kannada region. Shri Padmanabha Teertha Swameeji stayed at this Math in Shri Shake 1787 Krodhana Samvatsara after the Yatra of Rameshwara of Sothern India. Shri Bhuvanendra Teertha, 17th Yativarya of Shri Kashimath accompanied by his disciple Shri Varadendra Teertha, observed their Chaturmasa in the year 1878 at Mangalore Gokarna Matha. Twentieth Guruvarya of Math Tradition Shri Indirakanta Teertha Swameeji in the year 1911glorified the image of the Mathvastu by constructing ambalu and prasada and also observed Chaturmasa alongwith their first Shishy Shri Narahari Teertha in the year 1896. 22nd Swameeji of the Math Trdition Shri Dwarakanath Teertha Swameeji observed their Chaturmasa at this place in the years 1948, 1949 and 1972. Guruvarya Shri Vidyadhiraj Teertha Swameeji (23) constructed Shri Dwarakanath Sabhamantapa at the backside and inaugurated the same on 06.09.1981. Renovated the Main Vastu and constructed the present vastu at the front and inaugurated the same on 30.11.1991. Established the Navagraha Statues in the Temple complex on 23.11.1991, observed Chaturmasa in the year 1992. The Golden Chaturmasa of the year 2016 is a symbol of prestige for the entire Goud Saraswatha Samaj.

Specialty of the Mangalore math is that the entire building was constructed by the architects from Goa and the major materials were brought from Goa through Ships in 1660 AD.

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