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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

31 Nasik English

31 Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Nasik,

Samsthapak : Shri Vidyadhiraj Teertha (23)
Shilanyas : Shake 1922 Vikram, Bhadrapad Bahul Dwitiya (15-09-2000)
Inauguration : Shake 1924 Chitrabhanu Samvatsar Phalguna Bahula Saptami (04/04/2002)
300th Punyatithi of Shri Laxminarayan Teertha Swamiji (9) Shaka 1624 Chitrabhanu,
Phalguna Bahula Saptami
Pratima : Shri Laxmi Narayan (Marble Idol)
Address : Shri Jeevottam Math, Shri Laxmi Narayan Bhavan, Ward No. 45, Chetana Nagar,
NASIK 422 001 (Maharastra), Ph: 0253 2596556
Total Area : 2500 Sq Meters
Built up Area : 610 Sq Meters
Building Details : Gurubhavan, Sabhabhavan, Kitchen.
Sabhabhavan : Shri Laxminarayan Bhavan
Chaturmas : 34th Chaturmas of Shri Vidyadhiraj Teertha Swamiji in the Year 2000

History of Math

Excitement took place among the shishyavarga, who came to know that Shrimad Lakshmi Narayana Teertha had renovated the Varanasi Math and was returning to Partagali to celebrate Ramanavami festival. Disciples who did’nt have the darshana of Guruvarya for the last 8 years decided to attend the Ramanavami festival. But an unforeseen event took place. Shri Lakshminarayana Teertha breathed his last on the banks of the Godavari of Nasik on his way back to Partagali. The incident which took in Shake 1624 of Dundubhi Samvatsara Phalguna Vadya Saptami gave a rude shock to disciples.

Here at Partagali the Shishya Swami Shri Lakshmikantha Teertha, who was happy with the news of the arriving of the Guru at Partagali, Shocked to hear the tragedy of the attainment of Samadhi of his Guruvarya. Eight years ago his Guruvarya went to Varanasi in a hurry after accepting him as the Shishya. Shishya Swamy was eagerly waiting like Shabari for the arrival of his Guruvarya. Shri Laxmikanta Teertha did’nt lost courage and engaged in the further task to complete. Instructed shishyavrinda to build a Vrindavana for his Guruvarya at Nasik before ascending the throne as Peethadhipati. Arranged every thing required for the routine Pooja Punaskaara of the Vrindavana. Accordingly every thing was going on smoothly on daily basis. Shri Laxmikanta Teertha (10) attained Samadhi at Honnavar after 7 years from the date of adopting the Shishya. In due course of time there was no contact with the distant place of Nasik and there was no news about the Vrindavan of the Guruvarya. In this regard 22nd Yativarya Shri Dwarakanath Teertha Swamiji has tried to trace out the Samadhi on the banks of Godavari on the basis of typical characters of Vrindavanas of earlier Swamijis. They came across one such Vrindavan on the banks of Godavari river at Nasik. But a Bairagi claimed this as his own property and this has continued.

In some circumstances, for the completion of a good work some divine inspiration and periodical help takes place. Projected works gets completed well in time. One example for this is the live instance of Nasik Shakha Math. Lord Shri Rama spent his most of Vanavasa at Panchavati on the banks of Gadavari river near Nasik. Shri Vidyadhiraj Teertha Swamiji was always remembering about Shri Laxminarayana Teertha Swamiji. Swamiji was trying to find out the Vrindavana of his Guruvarya at Nasik. Swamiji was also aware of the sankalpa of his Guruvarya to construct a Temple in memory of Shri Laxminarayana Teertha Swamiji and of his own decided in his mind to build a beautiful temple. Divine help also came to Swamiji.

It is the divine inspiration that Swamiji decided to observe Chaturmasa of Shake 1922, after 300 years of the Samadhi of Shri Laxminarayana Teertha Swamiji. Without any pre arrangements just by informing the local samaj bandhavas, about the desire of Chaturmasa, Swamiji came directly to Nasik. In the Math records there was an information about the possession of à land in the name of Gokarna Math at Nasik. When searching for this piece of land it is realized that the site has been used by the Government for the construction of a bridge. It was also realized that the Peethadhipati at that time refused to accept the compensation in cash and instead insisted for an alternative land at Nasik. This inspired Swamiji to acquire a new site at Nasik and succeeded in getting allotted à land near National High Way at Chetan Nagar of Nasik. Swamiji before returning to Partagali after Chaturmasa laid foundation stone for Shakha Matha at Nasik on 15.09.2000. After 1 ½ years Shri Swamiji inaugurated Shri Laxminarayana Bhavana at Nasik on 04.04.2002 with pomp and gaiety. Here a Vrandavana of Shri Laxminarayana Teertha is built in his memory and a beautiful Chandrakanta Shila Vigraha of Shri Laxminarayan Deva is installed.

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