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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

13 Shrikanth English

13. Srimad Srikanth teertha

Place of Birth : Mahalwada in Paingin ( Poinguim, Goa)
Deeska given at : Partagali Matha
Deekshaguru : Sri Kamalakanta teertha ( 12)
Shishyasweekar : Sri Bhuvijaya Ramachandra teertha ( 14)
Mahanirvan : Srisaka 1708 Parabhava Sam. Ashadha Shukla Navami, Tuesday 🙁 04-07-1786)
Vrindavana at : Partagali Matha
On Gurupeetha : 28 years 05 months 18 days

Recent Events

History of Swamiji

श्रीकान्तचरणाम्भोजभृङ्गं निःसङ्गमानसम् ।
श्रये श्रिकान्तयोगीशं विषयासङ्गसिध्यये ॥

Sri Srikanta teertha was shishya of Sri Kamalakanta teertha. Purvashrama family was Bhat Bhute Acharya of Mahalwada in Poinguim.
Records of Swamiji,s life are available in the Matha from Sr saka 1687 to 1698. One Ajnapatra written on Srisaka 1687 Ashadha Shukla Poornima by Sri Srikanta teertha is available. It seems Sri Swamiji wanted to renovate the Matha at Gokarna. Sri Swamiji has written to all devotees of the Matha. “ Srimatha at Gokarna is very much dilapidated. It must be renovated. But without sufficient funds the work can not begin. Therefore the devotees of the Math should contribute
as much as possible for this good work” Copies of this Ajnapatra was sent to all followers.
In Srisaka 1692 Sri Swamiji’s health deteriorated. Representing all devotees from Sashast, Antruj, Konkan, the Vidvan Vaidikas and Mahajanas some Mandalis sent a Vinanti patra to Swamiji on Srisaka 1692 Kartika Krishna Dviteeya praying for recovery of Sri Swamiji. Abhaya Prasad from Deities were received and it was said in the letter that the Devotees have full confidence in Sri Swamijis power of penance and Swamiji will recover His heath soon.
At that times Sri Swamiji was running a high temperature. Shishya was not yet initiated. Devapujawas mandatorily perfomed by Sri Swamiji three times a day after bath. Sri Swamiji used to transfer the fever to His danda and perform Sandhya and puja. The danda used to keep trembling. Once the puja was over Sri Swamiji used to take the fever back from the danda into His body. Even today , those who suffer from intractable fever pray at Swamiji’s Vrindavana.
Sri Swamiji must have renovated the Matha at Gokarn partially. Because soon after 16th Acharya Sri Lakshminarayan teerth renovated the Matha at Gokarn, Such a stone inscription can be seen.

Sri Swamiji recovered from the fever and went to Mumbai Orders by various Officers on the way to passing through are available. Sri Madhava Rao Ballal (aka Thorale Madhav Rao Peshwe) has also signed an order to travel Sri Swamiji unhindered can be seen which is written on A.D. 13th December 1770.
In Srisake 1695, Vaishakh Shukla Dviteeya Kumbhakonam Matha Seer Sri Varadendra teertha Swamiji write a letter to Sri Srikant teertha Swamiji. “ We are travelling around and it shouldn’t be said that there is no news from us. Phala Gandha Prasad and a shawl is sent through Sri Anantacharya. Please accept the same. “Bhuvanapati” has deceied the samstana and has absconded. We request not to deal with him in any way”
On Srisaka 1708 , Ashadha Shukla Navami Sri Swamiji attained Haripada. The elder most in the Matha lineage who attained Haripada in Partagali Matha is Sri Srikant teertha. The Vrindavana is present in Matha.