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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

19 Padmanabha Eng

Shri Padmanabha Tirtha

Birth Place : Honnavar
Name given at Birth : Narayan Venkatesh Bhatta
Birth Date : Saka 1750 Sarvadhari Samvatsara Shravana Shukla Dvitiya, Tuesday (12/08/1828)
Sannyasa Deeksha : Saka 1761 Vikari Samvatsara Magha Shukla Panchami, Saturday (08/02/1840) at Shri Jivottama Matha, Gokarna
Guru : Shri Poornaprajna Tirtha (18)
Accession : Saka 1801 Pramadi Samvatsara Jyeshtha Shukla Chaturdashi, Tuesday (03/06/1879)
Shishya : Shri Indirakanta Tirtha (20)
Mahanirvan : Saka 1814 Nandan Samvatsara Ashadha Shukla Saptami (01/07/1892)
Vrundanva Place : Partagali Matha
Period as Shishya : 39 years 03 months 26 days
Period as Guru : 13 years 00 months 29 days
Period in service of matha : 52 years 04 months 24 days
Life : 63 years 06 months 24 daysl

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History of Swamiji

न्यायव्याकरणभिज्ञं मध्वसिद्धान्ततत्परम् ।
पद्मनाभगुरुं वन्दे मध्वसिद्धान्तलब्धये ॥

Born in Honnavar in Saka 1750 on Shravan Shukla Dvitiya, the 19th Guru of the Gokarna Partagali Jivottama Matha was initiated into Sannyasa and ordained Shri Padmanabha Tirtha by Guru Shri Poornaprajna Tirtha on Magha Shukla Panchami of Saka 1761 Vikari Samvatsara. The Guru was an erudite scholar who personally taught all students at the Gurukula. As a result, Shri Padmanabha Tirtha’s education was completed under the direct tutelage of Shri Poornaprajna Tirtha himself. The Shishya Svami was primarily engrossed in the study of Shrimadacharya(Madhvacharya)’s bhashya on the Brahmasutras, syllogism, grammar, logic, etc. Just like his Guru, he went on several pilgrimages to holy places such as Tirupati, Dhanushkodi, Anantakshetra (Trivandrum), Manjeshwar, Udupi, Basrur, Gokarna, etc., as had been the longstanding practice of the Guruparampara.
The pair of Guru-Shishya was long lived and worked in complete unison so much so that even in the absence of the Guru in person at the matha, no fault could be found in any administrative aspects of the matha. Not only would all regular activities continue unobstructed, but also occasional tasks would be taken care of smoothly. The shishya had earned the complete trust & blessings of his Guru; and thus all his endeavours intended in the best interests of the matha received full support from the Guru Svami.
It was Shri Padmanabha Tirtha who was at the helm when the Portuguese Government issued a landmark decisive order in which it clarified that not only was the pontiff of the Gokarna Partagali Matha the sole owner of the matha at Partagali and its adjunct Ramadeva Temple, but also was the final authority on the subject of any disputes arising in Hindu temple committees within Portuguese dominions.
Most of the correspondences and documents available today in the matha’s office from the period of Shri Padmanabha Tirtha are transactional records about finances & land holdings, ownership documents used in court, etc. Shri Padmanabha Tirtha earned several new land holdings for the matha & increased its overall revenue collection.
Shri Padmanabha Tirtha attained Vrundavana on Ashadh Shuddha Saptami of Saka 1814 Nandan Samvatsara at Partagali where his vrundavana still exists.