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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


Matha Vastu

In the northern part of the ghat created by Shree Bhargava Rama, there is a desolate mountain forest. In the year 1656, as guided by Kamadhenu, sixth Swamiji Shree Ramchandra Teerth installed the stone idols of Shree Ram, Sita mata and Shree Lakshmana found Gokarna. Later it became the headquarters of the Math. Until then it was a desolate forest. The holy place chosen by Shree Ramchandra teerth for his stay alongside the Kushavati river is a quiet and serene area like the Panchavati forest.
According to the architecture, this s a suitable place for temple is a suitable place for construction. The Math building has the all the special features as per Vastu Shastras. The Math premises is developing day by day with such architectural features. The Math complex has continuously expanded from time to time after Shree Ramchandra Teerth migrated to Parghat from Gokarna.

1. Shree Ramchandra Tirtha established the Partagali Math on the banks of Kushavati river in the period of Shree Shake 1577 Manmath Sanvatsara (1656 AD) by installing three stone idols of Shree Ram, Sita Mata and Shree Laxman.
2. According to the records available in the Math, the Partagali Math was renovated in the Math tradition by the 16th Guru Shree Laxminath Tirtha, Shree Shake 1625 (1703 AD).
3. According to the inscription on the outer wall of the sanctum sanctorum of Shree Ramdev of the Partagali Math, the 17th Guru of the Math tradition, Shree Anand Tirtha started the renovation on Shree Shake 1731 Shukla Sanvatsar Vaishakh Vadyam Sampatmila and the statues of Shree Ram Sita and Laxman Deva were re-established on Shri Shake 1732 Pramod Sanvatsar Jyeshtha Shukla Ashtami (10-06-1810) In the afternoon Uttara Nakshatra Simha Lagnam. During the night Rathotsav was celebrated. On the second day, there was a Brahma Rathotsav and on the tenth day, there avabruta snana
4. Shree Anand Tirtha built the Rathgopur (Maruti Ghud) of Shree Mukhyapra Deva in the Chaitra Shukla-Panchami Rathbeedi of Shree Shake Om Prajapati Sanvatsara.
5. Shree Poornaprajna Teerth covered the top of the sanctum sanctorum of Shree Ramdev with a copper plate.
6. In Shree Shake 1816 Jay Sanvatsar Magh Shukla Navami Shree Indirakanta Tirtha (20) Swamiji replaced the old dhwajasthamb with a new one outside the Mahadwara of the Math.
7. Shree Dwarkanath Tirthani re-established Shree Ram, Sita mata and Shree Laxman on Magh poornima (05-02-1966) of Shree Vishwaku Sanvatsara. Gold plated kalash was also installed atop the garbgudi.
8. Shree Shake 1887 Pingal Sanvatsar Chaitra Shukla Dwitiya (21-03-1977) Shree Vidyadhiraj Tirtha laid the foundation stone of the Partagali Math Vikas Yojana.
9. The first phase was inaugurated on Shree Shake 1906 Raktakshi Samvatsar Chaitra Shukla Dwitiya (03-04-1984). Inaugurated the new structure of the Math entrance (west), office, school, some rooms etc.
10. Shree Shake 1907 Krodhan Sanvatsar Magh Shukla Triyodashi (22-02-1986) In the second phase, in the north, Swamij’s living room, Swamji’s office, Math's office, the Gurukul’s teacher's room, students' dining hall, etc. were inaugurated.
11. In the third phase, the kitchens on the east and 70 rooms, dining schools, kitchens, etc. on the southern side for the devotees were inaugurated.
12. Shree Vidyadheesh Teerth Swamiji laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new building on Shree Shake Om Plava Samvatar Margshirsha Panchami for the construction of a new auditorium and dining hall and 10 air-controlled rooms for the convenience of the devotees who come to the Math every day.
13. Shree Vidyadhish Tirtha modernized the rooms in the north and south as per the requirements of the modern age.

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