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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

6 Ramachandra English

Srimad Ramachandra teertha

Deekshaguru : Srimad Anujeevottama teertha (5)
Sanyasa deeksha : Srisaka 1549 Prabhava samvatsara Kartika shukla Navami : Wednesday ( 17-11-1627)
Shishyasweekar : Srimad Digvijaya Ramachandra teertha (7)
Mahanirvan : Srisaka 1687 Vishavasu Samvatsara Vaishakha Krishna tritiya Saturday ( 02-05-1665)
Vrindavana at : Sri Maruti mandir, Rivona
As a Shishya : 10 years 13 days
Ruled for : 27 years 05 months 24 days
Served Matha for : 37 years 06 months 09 days
Founded Branches : 1.Sri Samsthan Gokarna Partagali Jeevottama Math, Partagali
2 . Sri Maruti Mandir , Rivona

Recent Events

History of Swamiji

Sixth Acharya Ramachandra teertha is Shishya of Srimad Anujeevottama teertha.
The sanyasa deeksha was given in Gokarna in Srisaka 1549, Prabhava Samvatsara Kartika Shukla Navami. When Guru attained Haripada, Sri Ramachandra teertha became Guruteethadhipati and looked after Samsthana for 27 years. The foundation of a Math in Partagali , Goa by Sri Swamiji was a landmark even in the history of GSBs.

Behind the Math at Gokarna, on the hill , Swamiji
found 4 Shilamurthis in a cave. They were os Sri Ram, Sri Lakshman, Sri Seetadevi and Hanuman. Sri Swamiji was wondering what to do with the Pratimas. Sri Swamiji was told by Lord in a dream to carry the Pratimas towars north and consecrate them at a place where they will become very
Accordingly Sri Ramachandra teertha started walking towards north with the Shilamurthis carried by His entourage. Crossing Kali river via Mashem reached Paingin. The Pratimas started to become heavy. But the place was not convenient to buils a Math as there aws no source of water. Swamiji was worried. Again in a dream Swamiji was instructed “ Tomorrow morning a holy cow will appear. Worship her and pray her to guide to a suitable place. Consecrate the Pratimas where the holy cow will pour her

Next day morning, as per this direction a holy cow looking like a Kamadhenu appeared.
Swamiji worshipped her and prayed her to show a proper place to consecrate the Pratimas. The cow started walking in easterly direction in the thick forest. Swamiji with the entourage along with the pratimas followed. She stopped at a place near Kushavati river and milk flowed from her udder. The pratimas of Asri Ram . Sri Lakshman and Sri Seetadevi became very heavy. Swamiji decided to consecrate them there.The cow again started walking. Swamiji along with some of the devotees with the pratima of Maruti followed. The cow came to Rivona ( earlier Rishivan) and the milk again flowed down. The pratima of Maruti became heavy. Swamiji then decided to consecrate Maruti there..

So two Maths were built and the Pratimas were consecrated.
When the Partagali Math was founded, Canacon ( aka. Shiveshwar mahal) was controlled by the Kings of Soundekar dynasty. Sonda Kings ruled Ponda in Goa to Mangalore. Sonda Kings were first under Vijaynagar and then Bijapurkars. In A.D. 1656 Partagali Math was founded. When the famous Rathotsava started in Partagali, a small tax was collected from some villages of Cancon. Iwas called “samankar”. All the residents gladly contributed. Order was issued to supply the materials needed for the festival.

The residents paid the tax and took part in the festivities.
Even though Sri Ramachandra teerth founded the Matha at Partagali Swamiji resided mostly at Gokarn. Swamiji attended the Ramanavami festival in Partagali. Swamiji stayed for a long time in the Rivona Math.
Srimad Ramachandra teertha Swamiji attained Haripada in the Rishivan branch Matha ( now called Rivona) on Srisaka 1581 Vaishaka Krishna Tritiya. A number of records during Swamiji,s time present.

श्रीरामचंद्रवैदेहीससौमित्रिहनुमताम् ।
लब्धारमनिशं वन्दे रामचंद्रयतीश्वरम् ॥