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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

15 Ramanath Eng

15.Sri Ramanath teerth

Place of birth : Poinguim , Canacon taluka
Deekshaguru: : Sri Bhuvijaya Ramachandra teertha (14)
Shishya sveekar : Sri Lakshminath teerth (16)
Mahanirvan : Srisaka 1726 Raktakshi Sam. Adhika Chaitra Shukla :Navami Monday (19-03-1804)
Vrindavana at : Lakshmi Venkatesh temple. Venkatapur

On Gurupeetha : 3 months 25 days

Recent Events

History of Swamiji

यस्य रोषाड्कुराज्जातो भस्मसादकरोच्छिखी ।
गृहान्दुहैविकाणां तं रमानाथगुरुं भजे ॥

Sri Ramanath teerth was initiated by Sri Bhuvijaya Ramachandra teerth. 13th peethadhipati Sri Srikantha teertha in purvashrama was born in Bhatbhute family of Mahalvada at Poinguim. Sri Ramanath teerth Swamiji in purvashrama was also born in
the same family. HH Sri Swamiji was a great tapasvi, shaapaanugraha shakta.
In the records of the incidents of Sri Bhuvijaya teertha there are many mentions about Sri Ramanatha teertha. Sri Bhuvijaya Ramachandra teertha Swamiji constantly used to go on teertha yatra and at those times Sri Ramanatha teertha looked after the affairs of the Math.There are many letters from Guru to Shishya.

I a letter written on Adhika Jyeshta Shukla Shashti, Srisaka 1723 Guru Swamiji wrote.
“ A written Rayasa was sent on Vaishakha Shukla Shashti but there has been no response to it. Expected the decision on the judgement on the caste of Keloshi Kushasthalikars and Sunkeri Pethakars. Also Sri Venkatesh Kamathi Mhamayi had sent a new copper Salver ( Plate/Harivan) to Partagali. It is okay if it has reached Math. If not receiced a search for it in transport should be done. A letter should be sent to Venkatesh Kamathi Mhamayi and it should be brought to Math…..”

Once Swamiji was camping in the matha in Gokarn during shivaratri festival. After bathing in the sea Swamiji was returning with usual vaibhava of the math with the white umbrella , band of instrumental music, lights that are carried as mark of greatness even in day time etc. There were certain minor group of people of the smaartha tradition in Gokarn, who always rejoiced in causing trouble to Swamiji and followers. At this time they came and tried to stop Swamiji and the followers from walking back in procession. The time was nearing afternoon and the temperature on the sandy beach was rising. It was getting too hot to stand there in the sand. Many sensible persons tried to mediate but the troublemakers wouldn't listen.
At that time the extreme scalding heat that was affecting Swamiji and the followers turned into a ball of fire and started burning the homes of these troublemakers. Seeing it, they ran back to douse the fire and the way was cleared. Swamiji with the followers safely returned to the math.

Then Swamiji went to the branch math at Venkatapur (near shirali , bhatkal) and was camping there. Suddenly Swamiji’ health deteriorated. The mandatory baths at three times of the day and sandhaya , devapuja made it even more problematic. A vatu aged 11 years was then initiated in to Sanyasa and was blessed. The choice was the Vatu for initiation in to Sanyasha and as a Shishya was a Divine event.

Sri Swamiji attained Haripada in Venkatapura Matha on 1726 Raktakshi samvatsara adhika chaitra shukla navami. The Vrindavana is at Venkatapur Math.