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Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math


श्रीसंस्थान गोकर्ण पर्तगाळी जीवोत्तम मठ

Shree Samsthan Gokarn Partagali Jeevottam Math

1 Varanasi English

1. Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir Varanasi

Founder : Shri Narayan Teertha (1)
Year of Sthapana : Shalivahana Shaka 1397 Manmatha Samvatsara (1475 AD) Karteeka Poornima (22/11/1475)
Idol : Shri Laxmi Narayan (Metal Idol)
Address : Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Near Madhavajiaka Darara , Opp : Bindu Madhav Mandir
K 22/29, Panchaganga Ghat, VARANASI (UP) PIN 221001, Ph. 0542 – 2404419
Built up Area : 220 Sq Meter ( Ground+2 stories)
Renovation by 9th Shri Laxminarayana Teerth in 1695 AD stayed for 8 years to renovate the Math
1. Shri Laxminath Teerth. 2) Shri Dwarakanath Teerth 3. Shri Vidyadhiraj Teerth
Building Details : Garbhagrah, Archak Quarters, Guru Bhavan, Rooms, Hall, open Terrace.

History of Math

After taking deeksha at Badrinath from Shri Ramachandra Teertha Swamiji 10th pontiff of Shri Palimaru Math (one of the Ashtamathas of Udupi ) Shri Narayan Teerth went to pilgrimage as instructed by his Guru. Shree Narayan Teerth resolved to complete his pilgrimage to the sacred spots and shrines of North India. Thus moving from places of pilgrimage such as Kurukshetra and Brahmavarta to Brahmahrudaya, he fi¬nally arrived at the world-renowned pilgrim centre of Varanasi. This ancient land of Vaishnavas is considered as the abode of rest of Lord Bindu Madhava. The holy month of Kartik was nearing and the Swamiji was aware of the extraordinary significance of the sacred dip at the Panchaganga ghat during this auspicious time. In fact, it has been mentioned in the Ramayana that Lord Rama had made a year-long sojourn at Varanasi on the way to his vanavasa (disbandment). It so happened that, during the very month of Kartik, the prin¬cess of Kashi (Varanasi), along with her companions arrived at the Ghat for the Gangasnaan (holy bath). As had been her practice, she kept her ornaments on the bank over the clothes and dipped into the water. But due to the extreme cold, she began to shiver and quickly rushing for dry clothes on the shore and pulled them on. Having completed their bath, as the entire troupe was about to return to the palace, it was discovered that the diamond studded bangle of the princess was lost. But where could it go? Who could have dared to steal the bangle of the princess? An intense search was launched but to no avail. A Sanyasi was seen engaged in Japa Anushtthan (ritual of chant-worship) at a corner of the Ghat. Many had seen this unknown sanyasi there. Although there was a hue and cry over the lost ornament of the princess, it had not disturbed the concen¬tration of the Sanyasi engaged in his worship. However, the sol¬diers disturbed his meditation and accosted him with their suspi¬cion. His reply was spontaneous and forthright. "We are ascetics who have renounced the world. What en¬ticement could wealth and ornaments hold for the like of us? When we don't even desire a square meals a day, why would we turn trai¬tors to our own belief of non-accumulation and astheya vrata (non¬steaking) ?" Although Shree Narayan Teertha was unmoved by the accusa¬tion, the soldiers refused to be dissuaded by his candid speech and searched him. But they were crestfallen when they found nothing on his person! There was no iota of doubt left about the innocence of Shree Narayan Teerth, when the water of the river receded and the bangle was discovered in the shallow river bed near the bank. The royal family sought forgiveness of Shree Narayan Teerth. The King of Kashi heard that an innocent sanyasi had been harassed by the royal household. He was deeply disturbed. He felt that he had to seek personal forgiveness for his high handedness of the royalty. Coming to the Panchaganga Ghat, he fell at the feet’s of Shree Narayan Teerth. "We are ashamed of what has happened. Swamiji may kindly forgive us." The King prayed “what can I do for you”. Shree Narayan Teerth replied, "Oh Royal Prince, In your kingdom dharma and dharmikata have always been given gener-ous patronage. On this Panchaganga Ghat, mother Ganga has turned the path of her stream to become Ishyanyaplava (oriented to¬wards the North-East). We belong to the Goud Saraswat Brahmin community from the distant land, but we are deeply devoted to mother Ganga in the holy land of Kashi. We desire that more and more people of our community should visit this sacred place to seek the darshan of mother Ganga and take dip in the holy water. So we intend to have Mutt premises here. If your Royal Highness takes active interest in this project, it would be a virtuous act of benevolence." The repentant King of Kashi was much relieved by the words of Shree Narayan Teerth. He helped to construct a Mutt premises on the very Ghat facing Shree Bindu Madhav temple on the banks of the ishyanyaplava Ganga. Having ritually installed the pancha-dhatumaya (quinta-metalic) idol of Shree Laxmi¬ Narayan and having made adequate arrangements for the daily pooja of the deity. Shree Narayan Teerth Swamiji had established the arch Mutt in the Varanasi region, in the absence of any clear perception re¬garding the existing and ideal relations between the Mutt and the society. The primary objective behind the establishment of a Mutt would be solely to raise the banner of one's sect in a leading place of pilgrimage and to provide a secure shelter to the pilgrims who are venturing forth to remote lands in search of spiritual solace and benediction. This was the first Mutt of the Vaishnava sect of Saraswat Brahmins. Having thus established the first Math at Varanasi Shree Narayan Teertha Swamiji returned to Udupi.

Recent Events

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